C-Pro's list of on-going projects

Concert-Projects Intercultural Events Coordination

Here are some scheduled offers from C-Pro (subject to changes)


- 2018 September: Philharmonic Ensemble Orchestra of Japan concert in the Smetana Hall in Prague

- 2018 September: Church concert with Requiem by Faure in Tokyo

- 2018 October: ein deutsches Requiem by Brahms at the Musikvereinssaal in Vienna

- 2018 December: Requiem by Mozart in the Smetana Hall in Prague

- 2019 March: Church concerts in Vienna

- 2019 April: Takata works concert in Tokyo

- 2019 May: Beethoven's 9th Symphony at the Rossini Theater in Pesaro

- 2019 June: Church concert with orchestra in Hamburg

- 2019 November: Messa da Requiem by Verdi at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

- 2020 February: Messiah by Handel in England

- 2020 June: Missa Solemnis by Beethoven at the Musikvereinssaal in Vienna

- 2020 November: Requiem by Faure at the Madeleine Church in Paris


and many more projects are coming...


Should you get interested in any projects above, please do not hesitate to contact us for possibility to participate locally.

In that case you have to be fully prepared to sing or play the program according to the requirements proposed from the conductor.