C-Pro's long lasting partners...

Concert-Projects Intercultural Events Coordination

With my utmost pleasure, I would like to introduce the messages from some of my most important and trustworthy friends/partners as I start my own office "C-Pro Intercultural Events Coordination", thanking that I could be a part of the works by these big shots of the concert management.



From Mr. Michi Buchmann (Ambassade Orchester Wien)


The Ambassade Orchestra Vienna was founded during the Johann Strauss Anniversary year of 1999. Michael Buchmann and Alexander Kaspar, manager of the ensemble, had the idea to emphasize the entertaining element of classical music in an informal, but highly professional style. After a number of concerts in Austria, the orchestra organized an open-air tour through South America, with an audience consisting of up to 12.000 people at each concert. Furthermore, the Ambassade Orchestra toured through Monte Carlo and Japan, where it performed together with the Japanese Band Quruli and recorded a CD in the aftermath of the tour. Another highlight in the Orchestra’s history is the cooperation with Jose Carreras for his CD „Mediterranean Passion“ as well as at his Christmas Concerts in the Wiener Stadthalle.

However, one of the most interesting and successful cooperation was of course with you Akira. Already the first concert in November 2005, where we played Verdi’s Requiem in the Wiener Musikverein together with a choir from Japan, was a huge success and the beginning of a close friendship and a professional collaboration until today. Because of your highly professional work, your knowledge and organizational skills every concert was well planned into every detail. The cooperation with conductors, singers and also other musicians was always heartily on the one hand side but also professional on the other hand side, thanks to you!
The get together after each concerts showed, that music can unite people from different countries and different cultures just through the act of playing music together in a very short time. We are looking forward to the next projects with your own agency and wish you all the best for the future.





From Mr. Rob Groen (Concert agency in Amsterdam)


My sincere congratulations for your "own"  C-Pro LLC Office.

Being myself in the Classical Music management since 1965, toured more than 350 orchestras worldwide; world-famous ones like New York Philharmonic under Bernstein, London Philharmonic, Yomiuri Nippon, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra etc., still one of the highlights for me was the Verdi Requiem under Tomomi Nishimoto in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

Not only because it was a very impressive performance in my prestigious Series of International Orchestras in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw but also thanks to the impeccable organization from the Japanese side that was as usually so well handled completely by you.

In the 8 years we have worked together I  have the most enjoyable 'memories' of the "Productions" we organized together: Beethoven 9, Mozart Requiems and Verdi Requiems(already a number of times).

This goes not only for me but also for all participants; Orchestra's, soloists, invited Dutch choir members but in my opinion most of all for the Japanese Choirs that could participate in these unforgettable "happenings" in what is considered one of the most prestigious Concert Halls in the world: the Amsterdam Concertgebouw basis of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

I also remember the "after concert" receptions where everyone took photo's to show back at home.

It has been a great personal and professional pleasure to work with you in the past 8 years and I am looking very much forward to continue this now with your "own" company for many more years to come!




From Mr. Christian Bender (Concerts-Austria)


Akira has been instrumental in designing targeted and creative Intercultural Events and Concerts worldwide.

His in-depth knowledge of the international travel industry, combined with his outstanding artistic knowledge and professional attitude, make working with him a pleasure.




From Mr. Jan Mracek (Czechoslovak Chamber Orchestra Prague)


"Dear Akira san, it's great to hear so beautiful news, that you found your own concert company! Congratulations!!! 

We co-operate together already 12 years and there are plenty of experiences we passed together, when we lived out many of wonderful concerts in Prague. Organization by your side was always perfect, on the highest level, your kindness helped in many situations and musicians could whenever lean against you. 

Me personally, I really appreciate that you support music fanciers, that you enable to them active participate in best masterpieces, in most beautiful halls and places in the world! Thank you for that in the name of all, who feel as I am. 


We are looking forward to continue our long lasting friendship and cooperation, wish to you many success and all the best with your new life and own company. Jan Mracek, artistic director of Czechoslovak Chamber Orchestra Prague"