what we do at C-Pro

Concert-Projects Intercultural Events Coordination


C-Pro coordinates intercultural activities through organizing concerts and exchange programs at many of the prestigeous halls in Europe and the United States, for amateur musicians and singers from Japan.

Organize choirs to collaborate with first class orchestras at Europe's prestigeous halls

Coordinate solo concerts for choirs, orchestras and wind bands from Japan

Coordinate participation to any music festivals etc.


C-Pro has strong connections to many concert halls and local agencies such as;

> Wiener Musikvereinssaal

> Berliner Philharmonie

> Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam

> Smetana Hall in Prague

> Dvorak Hall in Prague

> Salzburgerdom

> Madeleine Church in Paris

> St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

> Carnegie Hall in New York

> Disney World in Orando (Disney Magic Music Days Programs)

We have more offers and plans to introduce you to... based on our long-time experience.